Change is in the Air

I first started this blog because I had been laid off from my first “real” job over a year ago. It began because I had no public digital identity. So I linked up some accounts, created an page, and started writing here pretty regularly.

In the year and couple of months since, I find I’m actually pretty overexposed. I’ve posted far too many selfies, terrible pictures of food, and generally awkward or grainy pictures. I’m sorry to clutter the Internet with all of that crap – I’ll be taking a lot of it down. And for a relatively private person, it bothers me.

This site was also created to aggregate all of my writing and put it online for all all to see. Whether it has my name on it or not, it’s been a pretty handy place to show off everything I’ve written since 2010.

I’ve kind of abandoned blogging for several reasons. First off, I don’t have a lot to say that isn’t completely self-centered. Secondly, I’m tired of writing about myself. I’m even tired of writing about this, because it’s about me.

So my newest project is going to be to whip this site into shape and show only the excellent writing I’ve done over the past year and a bit, and part of my awesome personality. Stay tuned!


Bloggity-Blog, Blog, Blergh …News!

I won’t lie. Part of me forgot that I had this thing going on for a while. But new year, and new words. Or at least new experiences to describe!

Here are three:

  1. I changed jobs again. Yes, again. I started my third job of 2012 in the middle of December. I’m just getting used to it now and I really like my co-workers. It’s another start-up, it’s another software company. People keep asking me how I get these things, and all I can do is shrug my shoulders and smile. Like the Mona Lisa. Or perhaps I just think I look like the Mona Lisa and actually look like the Cheshire Cat. Manic!
  2. I went to a launch party. Friends of mine, well actually one of my old bosses, started his own consulting company with his friend. So you know, if you aren’t quite getting that hang of how to successfully get your company online and in-tune with social media, perhaps you should check out the Brendans.
  3. Bought three pairs of shoes in 25 minutes. I am obsessed, and was very obviously in a bind. I was at a trade show in NYC last week, and realized that I have no flat shoes. Why? Oh right, because I wanted to learn how to walk in high heels. But those heels were just not happening for the show. I got six blisters on my first day, so I was unhappy. On the second day, I wore socks with my flats (super unfashionable), and my feet were much happier.


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Border Crossing Madness

Just a quick excerpt from a trip I just came back from:


On the way into the United States, I drove down with my grandmother, her sister, and her sister’s daughter-in-law. We hand over the passports and the first question the border guard asks is “whose car is this?”

The daughter-in-law is driving, and she answers, “it belongs to my husband’s company.”

To which the border crossing demands, “are you running away from your husband?”

All of us ladies titter. The daughter-in-law gestures to the woman next to her and says “this is my mother-in-law!” A few other questions are asked, and then we are whisked away, allowed to continue on our journey.


On the way home to Canada, I am asked the purpose of my trip to the United States. It’s 4:30 am and I try to answer without sounding I as exhausted as I feel. I also hope I don’t smell like tequila.

“And what was the purpose of your trip?”

“I’m dating someone in New York who had knee surgery on Tuesday.”

“Oh? Was it because he was part of some kind of mob hit?”

“Oh my G-D no!” I giggle. And then he calls the next person over.

These are seriously the strangest questions I’ve ever been asked at customs. Does anyone else have weird stories like this? CBSA and American Border Guards, what new tactics are you up to this holiday season?

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What’s New?

Let’s catch up!

I need to do this on the 25/25 blog too, but let’s just say, I am really happy if I can average one post per week, just here. I have been writing, tweeting, facebook-ing, pinning, and planning most of all – like a demon. It’s fun, it’s exhausting, and I work from home most of the time.

This means a couple of things:

  • I don’t wear pants on a regular basis. Mostly leggings. Sometimes shorts. Sometimes both in one day if I’m feeling fancy. Sounds glamourous, no?
  • I have been wearing glasses a lot. Did you know I wear glasses? Now you do. I’ve been wearing contact lenses regularly since I turned 14, and well, twelve years later my eyeballs have cried uncle. Or actually, I just don’t bother, and my eyes have been appreciating the break.
  • I have a closet full of beautiful clothes that I don’t wear. Here’s the deal, for the past few years, I’ve been buying stuff I only like a lot, that is decent quality and suits me. I have clothes from twelve years ago that still fit – because I take care of my stuff. But now I have clothes from July or earlier that I haven’t worn at all. I need to make up excuses to wear these things.
  • Not complaining, but I don’t have legit weekends or evenings. So valuable now!
  • Some absurd things have happened to me, but I will need to remember them more clearly to tell you about it.

I am also thinking of really examining the costs of working from home. Stay tuned!

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I’m back, kinda. From the dead (air) so to speak.

Basically I’ve been working my butt off and even though I mostly work from home, it’s been an interesting transition.

If you were looking for some other stuff to read, here are a couple of things I’ve actually had the time to enjoy in the meantime:

Roots & Recipes
A blog about the roots of our foods and traditions that go behind it. A really interesting cultural archive and started by a childhood friend.

The Almost Willing Housewife
An anonymous woman in a major city talking about what it’s like to become a housewife for one reason or another. Check out her adjustment from managing multi-million dollar ad campaigns to managing a small apartment in a busy city.

I’ll be back soon! Take care!

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To Tide You Over

I’m not blogging much lately cause I started a new job. It’s pretty great, but I am definitely busier than I would have thought!

I forgot the kind of work I used to do was pretty much 24/7. I love it, but it’s not quite so sustainable to keep this blog going when I’m publishing two or three articles a week and managing several social networks…


So for now I’ll just show you the picture from my brother’s pizza success. He’s currently on his third and last day of writing the UFE and he has been like this all summer (aside from, you know, actually studying like a beast — for the record I’ve never actually seen him cry though). This particular hell on earth is nearly over, and you should all enjoy! I’m excited for him to look a little like this.
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For Your Edification

I have figured out the secret to my brother’s cooking success. Here are the steps:

  1. Study a subject where you have to take intense professional exams over several days for insane hours.
  2. Jam your brain with facts and figures to the point where TV is no longer an adequate anesthetic. Desire some creativity.
  3. Enjoy eating.
  4. The less squeamish you are, the better.
  5. Have a limited cooking repertoire but a vast sense of curiosity (and appetite!)

Have you done this? My brother has. His creative outlet this summer has been cooking! And I have definitely been enjoying the spoils!

One of his most successful traits however, is his curiosity. What should he make next? How should it be done? What is the best way?

And then he will research five or six different recipes. He will watch six or seven videos on the various techniques or why a certain ingredient is crucial. And then he will add the winning recipe to an Excel chart that he has started as his own recipe catch-all.

So not only is he a genius with Excel, he can cook too! Tonight he’s making pizza from scratch :D

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I’m outta here for the weekend. I’ll be working hard at the new job while simultaneously enjoying my long weekend.

What are you up to this fabulous long weekend? Update me!

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Check It Out!

Ever wonder why your white rice isn’t as good as mine? Well here is my recipe, that’s been handed down from moms to daughters for generations, over at Roots & Recipes:

Crispy White Rice with Tahdig

I also suggest you check out the project, it’s a labour of love and memory by a very talented friend and former classmate!

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First Day

Today is the first day of my new job. I’m pretty psyched, and I’ll be learning lots. And I want to make a good impression!

Today I’m wearing:
Black pencil skirt
Gold, three-quarter length blouse
Black pumps
Teal croc briefcase
Pink lunch box
Stud earrings and blue eye bracelet
Black formal raincoat

It didn’t seem super formal, so I’m not wearing a jacket. And so far it doesn’t seem particularly physical, so with the exception of biking to and from work, I expect I should be OK in a skirt and blouse.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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